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  1. Living Room To Live Room

    Living Room To Live Room

    Some of the best-known albums in the world have been recorded in the comfort of rockstar's homes. Acoustic insulation isn't just for keeping the noise of your next door neighbours television out, it can also keep your music in. Whether you're an aspiring musician or a music lover, read our infographic now to discover the magic behind the recording studios...
  2. What To Do If You Can Hear Your Neighbours TV

    What To Do If You Can Hear Your Neighbours TV

    Asking your neighbour to turn down their TV can feel awkward, but it could be a simple solution to the problem. If this doesn't work, then it's worth considering talking to their landlord or reporting your neighbour to the council. If these option aren't for you, then you could invest in soundproofing for your home so that your neighbour can...
  3. Soundproofing Insulation FAQ

    Soundproofing Insulation FAQ

    Learn all you need to know about acoustic insulation, including different types of insulation material and how sound spreads through your home. Here we answer all the common questions about noise pollution and soundproofing.   Is there a difference between soundproofing and acoustics? Soundproofing a space prevents the transmission of soundwaves through the wall, floor, or ceiling. This can prevent...
  4. How To Soundproof Against Outside Noise

    How To Soundproof Against Outside Noise

    If noise outside of your home is causing you stress, it can feel like an impossible problem to solve as you can't stop the source of the noise. However, there are things you can do including soundproofing walls, doors, windows and using acoustic hangers. We'll look at these different forms of soundproofing and also consider how you could tackle the...
  5. How To Soundproof a Door

    How To Soundproof a Door

    Noise pollution is a real problem and although soundproofing walls, floors and ceilings seems the obvious solution, soundproofing doors can also help. Even if noise isn't a problem in your home, you might be a musician and need to reduce the noise escaping your home. Here we look at the different options for soundproofing doors including acoustic drapes, sound absorbing...

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