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  1. 4 DIY Interior Trends on a Budget

    4 DIY Interior Trends on a Budget

    Tik Tok and Instagram are awash with interior trends. Getting a professional to do the job or buying products online or in-store can cost a pretty penny, but if you’re crafty, creative and not shy of a bit of DIY, you could save hundreds of pounds by giving some  of these trends a go yourself.    Insulation Express has looked...
  2. How To Have An Energy Efficient Home

    How To Have An Energy Efficient Home

    Learn how to make your home more energy efficient. There are many changes you can make to how you use your kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom and conservatory that will reduce your fuel bills and help you reduce your carbon footprint. Many of these changes won’t require very much effort at all, yet can bring you the valuable outcome you...
  3. How To Soundproof An Apartment

    How To Soundproof An Apartment

    Living in an apartment has many benefits, but living so closely to multiple neighbours can mean more noise pollution. To prevent noise between rooms and between apartments, or if you're a music fan and want to keep noise in, consider replacing your doors, soundproofing your windows, blocking any gaps and soundproofing your floors. For all you need to know about...
  4. Soundproofing Walls

    Soundproofing Walls

    If you are losing sleep because of loud TV’s, music or hearing people argue late at night then you might be considering soundproofing your home to permanently reduce the intrusion of outside noise. Here we give you the low down on insulating various types of walls so that you can reduce the noise making its way into the privacy of...
  5. How To Soundproof A House

    How To Soundproof A House

    If your considering soundproofing your home, you may be wondering how to pick the right type of soundproofing for you. Here we explain what soundproofing does and how it works, how to stop sound getting in and out, which rooms you really should soundproof and how to pick the right soundproofing products for you.   What does soundproofing do? To...
  6. How To Soundproof A Ceiling

    How To Soundproof A Ceiling

    One of the biggest problems that comes with living in an apartment is the noise created by nearby neighbours. Depending on the type of flat or apartment you live in there are a number of solutions available. Much will depend on your budget, how much height you can afford to lose from the ceiling and the type of noise that...
  7. How To Deal With A Noisy Neighbour

    How To Deal With A Noisy Neighbour

    If you are struggling with excessive noise from your neighbours then talking to them can be the perfect solution, but often it's not that simple. To help resolve the situation, try talking to your neighbours when the time is right, if this doesn't work consider talking to the council and keeping notes whenever you are disturbed by noise from next...

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