Please note - due to manufacturer shortages we are temporarily not able to accept new orders for plasterboard.

Please note that due to worldwide shortages on materials, there may be unforeseen delays or changes to orders with very short notice. We will endeavor to keep this to a minimum and inform you with as much notice as we can.


Plasterboard, often referred to as drywall, is a panel made of gypsum. It is traditionally pressed between thick sheets of paper for use in walls and has multiple insulation properties. The gypsum can be combined with various additives to give the plasterboard any number of different qualities and properties, whether you're after thermal or acoustic insulation. The thickness of the paper facer and backer can also vary.  

  • Drylining Accessories
  • Plasterboard Fixings
  • Fire Resistant Board
  • Foil Backed Plasterboard
  • Impact Resistant Board
  • Moisture Resistant Board
  • Soundproof Plasterboard
  • Standard Board
  • Thermal Laminate Board
  • Tile Backer Cement Boards