Maxi 60 Ceiling Resilient Bar 3000mm

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The Maxi 60 Ceiling Resilient Bar 3000mm is a high-quality construction product designed to reduce noise transmission and improve acoustic performance in ceilings. With a length of 3000mm (or 3 metres), these resilient bars are ideal for use in various commercial and residential buildings. They are engineered to effectively decouple ceilings from the structure, preventing sound vibrations from passing through and minimising sound transfer between rooms. The Maxi 60 Ceiling Resilient Bar is a versatile and reliable option for creating quieter and more comfortable living or working spaces, making it a popular choice for soundproofing projects.


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What is the Maxi 60 Ceiling Resilient Bar 3000mm?

The Maxi 60 Ceiling Resilient Bar 3000mm is a galvanised steel channel, measuring 30mm in depth and 3000mm in length, primarily used for attaching plasterboard or various boarding materials to timber joists within ceilings. These resilient bars serve a crucial role in enhancing acoustic insulation by isolating the plasterboard from the joists, thus minimising the transfer of sound vibrations. Maxi 60 Ceiling Resilient Bars possess fire-rated capabilities too, making them ideal for use across all types of buildings.


Benefits of Maxi 60 Ceiling Resilient Bars 3000mm:

There are countless advantages to using these resilient bars as part of your next renovation or construction task. Some of these benefits include: 

  • Enhanced Sound Insulation: By decoupling the plasterboard from the joists, Maxi 60 Ceiling Resilient Bars effectively reduce the transmission of sound vibrations, leading to a substantial improvement in both impact and airborne sound insulation within the ceiling.
  • Part E Compliance: These bars meet the stringent requirements of Part E in the Building Regulations, ensuring that ceilings constructed with them adhere to the highest standards of sound insulation. This is particularly important for both new construction and renovations.
  • 1-Hour Fire Rating: Maxi 60 Ceiling Resilient Bars possess a remarkable 1-hour fire rating, enabling the creation of fire-safe ceilings that comply with essential fire safety regulations in buildings.
  • Simplified Installation: Designed for ease of use, these bars can be directly affixed to timber joists using screws or nails, streamlining the installation process and saving valuable time.
  • Space-Efficient Design: Maxi 60 Ceiling Resilient Bars are exceptionally slim, which makes them ideal for applications with limited space, offering flexibility in design and construction.
  • Exceptional Durability: Crafted from galvanised steel, these bars are incredibly durable and robust. They are resistant to both corrosion and moisture, ensuring longevity and reliability in various environmental conditions.
  • Versatile Application: Maxi 60 Ceiling Resilient Bars are versatile, and suitable for a wide array of projects, including refurbishments, conversions and new builds, making them an adaptable choice for diverse construction scenarios.

Applications for Maxi 60 Ceiling Resilient Bars 3000mm:

Maxi 60 Ceiling Resilient Bars find diverse applications in various building types:

  • Residential Use: Maxi 60 Ceiling Resilient Bars enhance acoustic insulation and fire safety in residential structures, including houses, apartments, and flats. This is particularly useful in homes with active children or pets or where noise containment between rooms is a priority.
  • Commercial Settings: In commercial buildings such as offices, shops, and restaurants, Maxi 60 Ceiling Resilient Bars contribute to creating a more comfortable and productive workspace. Plus, they mitigate noise disturbances for neighbouring businesses and residents, enhancing overall working conditions.
  • Industrial Environments: Maxi 60 Ceiling Resilient Bars are used in industrial facilities like factories and warehouses to reduce noise levels and enhance the overall work environment for employees, promoting both safety and comfort.
  • Recording Studios: Elevating acoustic performance within recording studios to ensure high-quality audio production.
  • Home Cinemas: Enhancing sound quality and minimising sound transmission in home cinema rooms.
  • Meeting Rooms: Reducing noise levels and fostering a private atmosphere.
  • Music Practice Rooms: Lowering noise levels and improving acoustic properties in music practice rooms, benefiting both musicians and others in the vicinity.
    How to install Maxi 60 Ceiling Resilient Bars 3000mm

Installation typically involves spacing the bars at 300mm intervals across the ceiling joists, followed by securing the relevant plasterboard to them using screws. Follow this step by step information as a general guide:

  1. Prepare the Ceiling Joists: Ensure that the ceiling joists are level and in optimal condition. Address any damaged joists by repairing or replacing them if necessary.
  2. Mark Resilient Bar Positions: On the ceiling joists, mark the positions where the resilient bars will be placed. Maintain a consistent spacing of 300mm between the bars across the joists.
  3. Secure Resilient Bars: Utilise 70mm x 5mm self-drilling screws to firmly attach the resilient bars to the ceiling joists. Make sure the bars are both level and securely fastened in place.
  4. Install Plasterboard: Fix the plasterboard to the resilient bars using 30mm x 3.9mm screws. Ensure that the plasterboard is tightly and securely screwed onto the resilient bars.
  5. Complete Ceiling Finish: After the plasterboard installation, complete the ceiling by addressing any gaps and proceeding with your preferred painting or decorative finish.

Follow these steps to achieve a well-prepared, sound-insulated and visually appealing ceiling installation.

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Supplier Part Number10050575
BrandCMS Danskin
Size3000mm x 120mm x 30mm

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