Isover Spacesaver 100mm x 1160mm x 12.18m Loft Insulation Roll 14.128m2

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Isover Spacesaver 150mm is a high-quality thermal insulation solution that offers versatility and convenience. Its unique feature of being perforated along the roll provides you with the flexibility to select full, half, or third-width options from a single roll, making it adaptable to various loft and attic spaces. Typically used as loft insulation, Isover Spacesaver 150mm effectively minimises heat loss through roofs, contributing to enhanced energy efficiency and improved indoor comfort.

Size: 1160mm x 12.18m

Other available thicknesses: 150mm & 200mm

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What is Isover Spacesaver 100mm loft insulation?

The Isover Spacesaver 100mm roll product is made from glass mineral wool materials and is mainly used to insulate loft areas. Available in this thickness of 100mm along with 150mm and 200mm variations, this product is the thinnest available at the moment. It’s an excellent insulator and can help reduce any unwanted heat loss through a roof. It has an official thermal conductivity of 0.044 W/mK too. 

The product comes pre-perforated to precise widths for fitting between standard joist gaps. It offers thermal insulation for cold roof constructions in both renovation and new build projects. The Isover Spacesaver 150mm loft insulation rolls are laid in two tiers, with the initial layer placed between the joists and the subsequent layer positioned diagonally across the joists.

The product is made from up to 86% recycled glass, making it a great environmentally friendly choice for those looking for sustainable insulation materials. It’s also made from non-combustible materials making it safe to use in lofts and walls. 

It's also straightforward to install and can assist in reducing your energy costs over time due to its efficient thermal insulation properties.

Purchase the Isover Spacesaver roll with a thickness of 100mm today from Insulation Express, and take advantage of an excellent offer with exceptionally swift delivery.


Features and benefits of the Isover Spacesaver 100m Loft Insulation Roll:

  • Three products combined into a single roll, thereby decreasing the need for storage space
  • Exceptional resistance to tearing
  • Outstanding thermal performance boasting a declared thermal conductivity of 0.044 W/mK
  • Diminishes heat loss within the building envelope
  • Crafted from up to 86% recycled post-consumer glass, rendering it an environmentally conscious choice
  • Non-combustible, holding an A1 Euroclass fire rating, which is the highest attainable
  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and a Global Warming Potential of under 5
  • Effortless to handle and install due to its lightweight and compact nature
  • Adaptable for usage across a range of applications
  • Sturdy and capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions

Overall, there are numerous advantages to selecting Isover Spacesaver 100mm as your preferred loft insulation product. It's an excellent option for individuals seeking an efficient, top-notch product that's simple to install.


Environmental Information

Isover's Spacesaver 100mm glass wool insulation is crafted from a blend of silica sand and up to 86% recycled post-consumer glass sourced from building regeneration projects or the manufacturing of flat glass, which would otherwise be disposed of in landfills. This renders Isover one of the most ecologically responsible insulation offerings available at the moment. The material attributes of installing Isover's glass mineral wool insulation include:

  • Zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential)
  • Zero GWP (Global Warming Potential)

Applications for Isover 150mm Spacesaver Insulation:

The 100mm Spacesaver insulation roll from Isover is an incredibly adaptable product that finds utility across a range of applications, including:

  • Cold roof insulation: This product is most commonly employed in this manner, and can be set up between the joists of a roof, curbing heat loss and enhancing the energy efficiency of the building
  • Loft floor insulation: Isover's Spacesaver 100mm is also suitable for insulating the floor of a loft area, enhancing the building's thermal and acoustic insulation attributes
  • Stud wall insulation: Despite its name suggesting loft use, it can also serve as insulation for stud walls, aiding in diminishing heat loss through walls and elevating their soundproofing capacities
Data Sheet (490.32 kB)
Customer Questions
Is this suitable for between rafter insulation?
Isover glass mineral wool is suitable for between-rafter insulation. The flexible nature means that the rolls can be accurately-cut and friction-fitted between the rafters to minimise air gaps and maximise thermal performance. Isover only recommend the loft roll to be used between ceiling/floor joists and for rafters they would recommend Isover Metac.
What size roll does the 100mm loft roll come in?
The Isover Spacesaver in 100mm comes in a roll 1160mm wide by 12.18m long. The total coverage of the roll is 14.128m2.
I have a cold basement, can I use loft roll to insulate my floor above?
Loft roll despite the name can be used in many different applications, including cold lofts, pitched roofs, walls and floors. you can use the rolls between the floor joists below the floorboards as a barrier between the cold basement below and the room above.
I need to get 300mm roll but I cant find this thickness.
Current legislation usually calls for 300mm of Loft roll, this is made up of 2 rolls laid perpendicular to each other. To create 300mm this can be done with 2 rolls at 150mm or a roll of 100mm and 200mm. The choice is usually determined by the depth of joists.
What type of clothing protection do I need when installing this product?
Small particles dislodged from the rolls can cause irritation to the skin, therefore protective clothing should be worn. This includes ensuring your skin is covered by wearing gloves, and preventing inhalation by using a face mask.
What is the weight of each roll please?
The approximate weight for Isover 100mm rolls is 13.7kg. 
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Supplier Part Number5200854520
Size100mm x 1160mm x 12.18m

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