Gyproc Duraline Plasterboard 15mm Tapered Edge

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Gyproc Duraline Plasterboard
Product Description

Gyproc DuraLine 15mm is a high-density plasterboard that absorbs higher levels of impact. Its high-density core with glass fibre makes it ideal for lining busy areas like corridors and landings. It is also produced with fire-resistant additives meaning it not only manages impact but reduces noise and has fire safety performance.

Use DuraLine plasterboard 15mm for buildings like schools, hospitals, offices and high-rise accommodations – where spaces need to be safe and quiet while reducing maintenance costs.

Thickness: 15mm

thickness: 15mm

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What is Gyproc DuraLine 15mm Plasterboard? 

Gyproc DuraLine Plasterboard is impact resistant and reduces dents and blemishes that arise from day to day – minimising maintenance costs. It is also effective in inhibiting noise from travelling and resisting fire, making it a versatile product. It has been designed with a tapered edge design for jointing or skimming.

Features and benefits of Gyproc DuraLine 15mm Plasterboard: 

  • Thermal conductivity: 0.25 W/m.K
  • Lowers maintenance costs by reducing minor dents and blemishes from everyday use
  • Stops noise travelling across partitions
  • Resists fire to help with safe evacuation
  • A single layer achieves BS EN 5234 Severe Duty

Environmental advantages of Gyproc DuraLine 15mm Plasterboard

Gyroc’s DuraLine 15mm Plasterboard is made from sustainable building materials, of which a high proportion are recycled. It also helps improve the indoor air quality and create a healthier environment for occupants. 


The 15mm plasterboard product is recyclable at the end of its used life too, which in turn reduces waste from landfills while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 


You’ll also be able to reduce your energy consumption and save money on utility bills, as the high thermal conductivity can help keep your buildings warm in winter and cool in summer, which reduces the need to use your heating or air conditioning. 

Applications for Gyproc DuraLine Plasterboard 15mm: 

  • Use DuraLine plasterboard 15mm for buildings like schools, hospitals, offices and high-rise accommodations, where spaces need to be safe and quiet while reducing maintenance costs.
  • It can also be used in a number of other applications, such as home cinemas, recording studios, stairwells, lift shafts, or anywhere where improved impact resistance, acoustic insulation and fire resistant performance is required. 

Installing Gyproc DuraLine 15mm Plasterboard 

When considering the installation of Gyproc DuraLine 15mm plasterboard, it's important to take specific factors into account. Here are guidelines for cutting, fixing, finishing, painting, wallpapering, and making repairs:



To cut Gyproc DurLine 15mm plasterboard, you have a couple of options. You can use a plasterboard saw for precision cuts. Alternatively, score the front face paper with a sharp knife, then gently snap it along a straightedge and cut through the back face paper. When cutting holes for items like socket boxes, a utility saw is suitable.



When fixing Gyproc DurLine 15mm plasterboard, ensure the decorative side faces outward to achieve the desired appearance. Fixings should be placed at least 13mm away from cut edges and 10mm from bound edges. Whenever possible, position cut edges at internal angles, and stagger horizontal and vertical joints between layers by at least 600mm.



After fixing the board, it's advisable to begin the finishing process as soon as possible to minimise potential damage or UV degradation to the paper liner. You can finish the 15mm plasterboard using jointing systems that comply with EN13963-1 standards, which may include other Gyproc products.


Painting and Wallpapering

Once the finishing system has dried, you can commence the decorating process with your chosen paint or wallpaper. This step allows you to achieve the desired aesthetic finish for the plasterboard.



If the 15mm plasterboard sustains damage over time, first check if the board's core remains intact. If the core is undamaged, you can repair the affected area using a product like Gyproc Easifill 60. Apply the filler, allow it to set, and apply a second coat if necessary. Once it's dry, sand it to a smooth finish before redecorating the repaired section. This ensures a seamless and visually pleasing result.

Is Gyproc DuraLine 15mm Plasterboard moisture resistant?

Gyproc DuraLine 15mm Plasterboard is not particularly moisture resistant as it has been purposely designed to be used in dry environments, such as internal walls or ceilings. When deciding on the right plasterboard for your insulation tasks, it’s crucial that you get the right one to suit the environment.


If you’re in need of a 15mm plasterboard to install in areas such as bathrooms or kitchens, it will be best to choose from our extensive range of moisture resistant plasterboard, with great options like Gyproc Moisture Resistant Board Tapered Edge and Knauf Moisture Panel Plasterboard Tapered Edge available to buy right now.


Is Gyproc DuraLine 15mm Plasterboard fire resistant?

Yes, Gyproc DuraLine Plasterboard 15mm has fire-resistant capabilities, which can contribute to the fire resistance of walls and ceilings. The reaction to fire for this product is rated at A2-s1, d0, which is classed as non-combustible in Scotland and of limited combustibility in England and Wales. 


As it is made with a high-density core that contains gypsum and glass fibre, it can help stop the spread of flames throughout a building. Thus, it is a great choice for areas where safety is a heightened concern, such as schools, hospitals, offices and high-rise accommodation buildings.

Data Sheet (140.10 kB)
Customer Questions
What makes these boards more impact resistant than others?
The boards have a high density core compared to standard boards, which provides a high level of impact and sound resistance.
How much do the 1200mm x 2400mm boards weigh?
Gyproc Duraline 15mm x 1200mm x 2400mm weighs approximately 40.61kg a sheet. This makes 14.1kg/m2 and a density of 940kg/m3.
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