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Acoustic Insulation

  1. How To Deal With A Noisy Neighbour

    How To Deal With A Noisy Neighbour

    If you are struggling with excessive noise from your neighbours then talking to them can be the perfect solution, but often it's not that simple. To help resolve the situation, try talking to your neighbours when the time is right, if this doesn't work consider talking to the council and keeping notes whenever you are disturbed by noise from next...
  2. Eight Soundproofing Myths You Need To Know

    Eight Soundproofing Myths You Need To Know

    When soundproofing a home, it can be tempting to use DIY techniques as a quick or more cost effective solution. But do these techniques really work? Here we look at the use of egg crates, carpeting walls, wallpaper, fiberglass insulation, cellulose insulation, the appearance of acoustic panels and how easy it is to soundproof a space. Read on for the...

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