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Please note - due to manufacturer shortages we are temporarily not able to accept new orders for plasterboard.

Tanking Systems

Tanking Systems are primarily used in basements and cellars to provide a waterproof seal. They protect against moisture damage and damp, and play an import role in converting basement spaces into usable and inhabitable rooms. Tanking systems are usually applied directly to the inside of cellar walls, keeping out ground moisture.  

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  1. RIW Sheetseal 226 Tanking
    RIW Sheetseal 226 Tanking
    As low as
    From  £254.30  inc VAT
    From  £211.92  ex VAT
  2. Grace Bituthene 8000
    Grace Bituthene 8000
    From  £268.80  inc VAT
    From  £224.00  ex VAT
  3. Visqueen Rigid Preformed Pipe Sleeve (Top Hat) Unit
    Visqueen Rigid Pipe Sleeve (Top Hat) Unit
    From  £17.34  inc VAT
    From  £14.45  ex VAT
  4. Visqueen High Performance (HP) Tanking Primer
    Visqueen High Performance (HP) Tanking Primer
    From  £51.56  inc VAT
    From  £42.97  ex VAT
  5. RIW Sheetseal Primer
    RIW Sheetseal Primer
    From  £38.59  inc VAT
    From  £32.16  ex VAT
  6. Grace Bituthene 4000
    Grace Bituthene 4000
    From  £196.44  inc VAT
    From  £163.70  ex VAT
  7. Grace Bituthene GP
    Grace Bituthene GP
    From  £157.20  inc VAT
    From  £131.00  ex VAT
  8. Grace Bituthene Primer B1
    Grace Bituthene Primer B1
    From  £39.84  inc VAT
    From  £33.20  ex VAT
  9. Grace Bituthene Primer S2
    Grace Bituthene Primer S2
    From  £50.40  inc VAT
    From  £42.00  ex VAT

9 Items

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