Celotex have discontinued the GA4000 insulation board. Here we explain which product to choose instead and why these changes have come in to place.


Celotex Statement November 2017

In November last year, Celotex announced that there had been some compliance issues in relation to the lambda value of their 4000, 5000, Crown Bond and Crowd Fix ranges. The old values were 0.022 W/mk and the new value is 0.023 W/mk.

The BBA allowed them to continue to sell all products at the initial value while further tests were undertaken.

Continued tests have shown the old value to be incorrect. Therefore, certain GA4000 products will now be sold as GA3000.


Celotex GA4000 and GA3000

GA4000 products below 100mm will be included in the GA3000 range with a declared lambda value of 0.023 W/mk. This means that all GA4000 boards purchased on Insulation Express will be swapped for the GA3000 product or customers can purchase the GA3000 when looking for the appropriate alternative to GA4000.

The GA3000 board is available in sizes 50-90mm. It can be used for a number of applications including roof, wall and floor insulation. It can also be used on pitched roofs, flat roofs, solid masonry, timber and steel framed systems.

The board is easy to cut to shape and works in the same way as GA4000, offering a reliable long-term solution for energy saving.

Although there is a product page still live for GA4000, this is just to give Insulation Express customers the best possible route to the product they need, so that if they are unaware of the changes they can still find an appropriate product. You can order this way and receive the GA3000 product or you can go directly to the GA3000 product page.


Celotex TB4000 and TB3000

These changes also apply to the TB4000 insulation board which includes a size range of 12-40mm. The TB3000 insulation board is a great replacement.

You can either buy the TB3000 directly from the product page or if you order the TB4000 then the product may be swapped for the TB3000 board instead.


More information

For more information from Celotex you can read their statement in its entirety here.

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