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Barker: UK homes leak heat like a sieve

Barker: UK homes leak heat like a sieveThe minister of state for energy and climate change has given a stark appraisal of the energy efficiency of the UK's homes.

In a speech at the British Property Federation's 'Annual Residential Conference', Mr Barker said that UK homes are some of the least efficient in Europe and that they "leak heat like a sieve".

He said that more than half of homes have insufficient insulation and as a result, the UK's building stock was responsible for 43 per cent of total UK emissions in 2009.

In the face of these figures, Mr Barker said: "That's why we are creating the framework for the Green Deal.

"It is our way of helping homeowners, landlords and tenants get home improvements like loft insulation, boilers and double glazing at no upfront cost."

The Green Deal is expected to launch in October 2012 and will offer homes and businesses the chance to improve their environmental credentials and lower energy bills with a range of energy saving technologies subsidised by the government. 

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