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Knauf Aquapanel Tile Backer Board

Knauf Aquapanel cement board is an extremely durable tile backer providing a solid substrate for wet indoor areas such as bathrooms, shower rooms and wet rooms. Resistant to mould and mildew, Aquapanel will not deteriorate in water. It retains its strength even if fully immersed

A purpose designed tile backing board, Aquapanel solves the problems experienced when traditional backing materials get wet. So no more costly call backs to replace rotten or damaged boards. Aquapanel Screws ensure a quick and easy installation with no special tools required. Aquapanel is ready keyed to take tiles up to 50 kg/m2 as soon as the boards are installed.

Aquapanel - Drywall for Wet Areas

Scoring and snapping Aquapanel is easy

What happens when water gets behind tiles?

Traditional backing boards will quickly deteriorate and will need to be replaced.

Aquapanel retains its strength in damp conditions and can be fully immersed in water with no loss of performance, or tiles.

Tile Failure - Why does it happen?

Tile failure occurs when traditional backing boards get wet

Tile failure can be extremely costly and when traditional materials are used the result is often replacement of the substrate behind the tiles, as well as the tiles themselves.

With Knauf Aquapanel, however, tile or grout failure normally means only a simple localised repair is needed, as water ingress will not harm the tile backing. Tile failure occurs when moisture can get into the substrate:

  • Water spilt whilst plumbing is being installed
  • Unseen leaks in pipe-work within the wall
  • Powershowers blasting water at high pressure can damage grout and allow water to seep through
  • Condensation forming along pipework within the wall soaks into substrate

We can't stop the cause of tile failure, but we can stop the effects

Water ingress due to damaged grout, tiles or pipes simply does not affect Aquapanel, leaving you with just a localised repair. Which is why Knauf Aquapanel comes with a 10 year product warranty.

Aquapanel systems to suit all project sizes

Knauf Aquapanel is the ideal substrate for tiles in wet areas

Knauf Aquapanel partitions have been extensively tested to new European EN standards and achieve the acoustic requirements of 40dB for Part E, so can easily be included in the drylining specifications of new dwellings.

Performances of up to 2 hours for fire and 53dB Rw for airbourne sound can be achieved. And on larger commercial projects, our innovative glued joint system allows 600mm stud centres to be used with no loss in performance.

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737451127 12.5mm x 900mm x 2400mm Board 32.45 38.94

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