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Acoustic Insulation

Insulation Express can provide acoustic insulation solutions for floors and walls helping you to overcome problems with noisy neighbours or the passage of sound in your own home.

We offer a wide range of acoustic insulation products from brand leading manufacturers. With the excellent acoustic insulation properties of glass mineral wool, the Earthwool sound reducing insulation products can be used in new build separating walls, partitions, and floors, as well as for the upgrade of existing buildings to provide improved sound insulation and resistance.

Please do not hesitate to contact Insulation Express for advice or information. 

Earthwool Acoustic Roll

Knauf Insulation
From £30.50 ex VAT

Earthwool Flexible Slab

Knauf Insulation
From £17.60 ex VAT

Rockwool Flexi Insulation Slab

From £27.24 ex VAT

Isover APR 1200 Acoustic Partition Roll

From £28.98 ex VAT
Save up to 5%

Knauf FB Intumescent & Acoustic Mastic

Knauf Drywall
£3.13 ex VAT

Park Bearer

CMS Danskin
From £4.24 ex VAT

Karma Soundlay Plus

CMS Danskin
£30.35 ex VAT

Karma Joistdeck 37

Karma Acoustics
£31.00 ex VAT

Karma Acoustic Joist Hood Insulation

Karma Acoustics
£8.05 ex VAT

Karmawall Acoustic Pipe Wrap

Karma Acoustics
£115.46 ex VAT

Karma Acoustic Easy Panel

Karma Acoustics
£31.48 ex VAT

CMS Isomax Clip Acoustic System

CMS Danskin Acoustics
From £7.50 ex VAT

Karmaplus Acoustic Perimeter Strip

Karma Acoustics
From £36.41 ex VAT

MP924 Sound Deadening Foam SD5

£152.48 ex VAT

Exton TNF 70 Slab System

Exton Construction Supplies
£24.00 ex VAT

Regupol 7210C Acoustic Resilient Layer

CMS Danskin
£16.54 ex VAT

Karma Acoustic Overlay Board

Karma Acoustics
£19.28 ex VAT

Karma Acoustic OverlayPlus Board

Karma Acoustics
£22.03 ex VAT

Reflex Bearer

CMS Danskin
From £4.30 ex VAT

Karma Acoustic MassPanel

Karma Acoustics
£29.51 ex VAT

Regupol Quietlay Underscreed Acoustic Insulation

CMS Danskin Acoustics
£14.79 ex VAT

IsoRubber Base 6mm Resilient Layer

Thermal Economics
£72.50 ex VAT

Plant Room Acoustic Wall Lining Panels

CMS Danskin
£25.25 ex VAT

Karma Acoustiwall

£54.50 ex VAT

WB Weight Enhanced Acoustic Barrier

From £22.61 ex VAT

Regupol Acoustic Isolating Strip

CMS Danskin
£1.05 ex VAT

Soundblocker Acoustic Ceiling Pad

Sound Reduction Systems
From £5.20 ex VAT

Karma Soundlay

£18.59 ex VAT

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